City States: Flogobolon (Dual Kit)

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In the annals of warfare, the Flogobolon and the Skorpios stand as formidable weapons of destruction, known to the City States for their devastating power. Yet, for too long, these instruments of war remained underutilized, their potential hindered by the lack of a cost-effective deployment method on the battlefield.

It was the Gerousia of Helias who, in a moment of pure brilliance, devised a solution to this dilemma. By inviting the merchant and noble houses to sponsor the construction of these deadly vehicles, they unleashed a frenzy of spending and overengineering that spread like wildfire across the City States and their noble patrons.

Crafted with unparalleled skill and precision, the chariots housing these fearsome weapons are marvels of engineering, unmatched by any save the dweghom themselves. Crafted from sturdy wood and sheathed in protective metal, they serve not only to safeguard their riders and weaponry but also to flaunt the wealth and power of their esteemed sponsors.

In battle, these war chariots fulfill the role of fast-moving mobile ranged platforms, capable of supporting the main City States battlelines with deadly precision. The Flogobolon, with its devastating salvos, acts as a deterrent to enemy regiments attempting to assault the flanks of your main line, while simultaneously unleashing devastation upon those already locked in combat.

Alternatively, the Skorpios offers a different approach, trading some of the sheer damage output of the Flogobolon for the ability to fire over longer ranges, addressing a wider variety of threats with its versatile arsenal.

As heavy chariots, they thunder across the battlefield, their lion-adorned frames proclaiming the might and prestige of their noble patrons. With the Flogobolon and the Skorpios at their disposal, they are a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and securing victory for the City States.

So let the war chariots roll forth, their weapons poised and ready to unleash devastation upon all who dare oppose the might of the City States. For in their wake, only destruction and triumph await amidst the chaos of battle.

In Game Role:

  • Battlefield Role: Mobile Ranged Platform
  • Class: Heavy
  • Type: Chariot

Box Contents:

  • Dual Kit: 1 Plastic Miniatures Flogobolon or Skorpios
  • 2 Brute Stand
  • 2 Brute Base
  • 2 Command Card
  • Scale: 38mm, Miniature Height: 17cm

Assembly required.


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