City States: Companion Cavalry

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The Companion Cavalry stands as a remarkable anomaly within the armed forces of the City States, primarily due to their unorthodox composition. Unlike the typical citizen soldiery that forms the backbone of most armies, the Companions are an exclusive and voluntary force drawn exclusively from the ranks of the affluent Oligarchs and noble families that preside over the City States. These impetuous scions of nobility are lavishly armed and armored with the finest weaponry money can procure. Their training is a testament to their privileged status, conducted under the watchful eye of retired Polemarchs and Aristarchs in the opulent confines of private gymnasiums owned by the elite. Furthermore, their horsemanship skills are meticulously refined in the sprawling hippodromes that dominate the skylines of each City State. Despite their unconventional origins, eclectic training, and often impulsive nature, these equestrian warriors have proven to be a valuable asset of such significance that the City States have willingly deviated from their orthodox army structure to incorporate them.

The Companion Cavalry represents the quintessential long-range precision instrument in the arsenal of every City States commander. Their true prowess shines when deployed deep behind enemy lines, where they excel at disrupting the foe's formations and sowing confusion. These elite horsemen pose a dual threat—first, they menace enemy light regiments, keeping them in constant fear of their swift and devastating charges; second, they serve as rapid shock cavalry, executing lightning assaults, withdrawing before the enemy can mount an effective counterattack, and then charging once more. This tactical finesse and ability to strike with unrelenting precision make them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

In the intricate theater of war within the City States, the Companion Cavalry occupies a unique and invaluable role. Their elite status, precision, and mobility enable them to unleash chaos deep within the enemy's ranks. Their incorporation into the City States' military strategy has proven to be a game-changing asset, allowing commanders to wield them as the ultimate long-range precision tool against their adversaries.

Box Contents:

  • 3 Plastic Miniatures
  • 3 Cavalry Bases and Stands
  • 1 Command Card
  • Assembly Instructions.


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