Citadel 40x60mm Rectangular Bases

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Citadel bases are essential for anyone immersing themselves in the exciting world of Warhammer. They provide a solid platform and a firm footing for your miniature models, which is especially important in heated battles. Designed specifically for use in Warhammer: the Old World games, these bases meet the highest quality standards to ensure your miniatures stand securely and impressively on the field.

An outstanding feature of Citadel bases is their customizability. You can paint them according to your own ideas and wishes to give your armies a uniform look and give your models more character. The possibilities are endless, whether it's choosing color schemes or creating themed bases that bring your army's stories to life. With these bases, you can unleash your artistic creativity and transform your miniatures into true works of art.

In this set you will receive three Citadel rectangular bases, each measuring 40 mm x 60 mm. These bases are perfectly sized to support a variety of miniatures and units. Whether you want to field infantry, cavalry or powerful creatures, these bases provide the ideal foundation.

Create an impressive army that can not only hold its own in the battles of "Warhammer: the Old World", but also stands out in terms of aesthetics and uniformity. With the Citadel bases, you can ensure that your miniatures are always the center of attention and attract the admiration of your fellow players and opponents. Get these high-quality bases now and immerse yourself in a world of epic battles and creative design Options.

These bases are perfect for Monstrous Cavalry units such as Pegasus Knights, Unicorns, and Daemonic Steeds, all sold separately,

Guidance for unit bases sizes can be found in Warhammer: The Old World - Ravening Hordes and Warhammer: The Old World - Forces of Fantasy, both available separately.


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