Citadel 30mm x 60mm Rectangular Bases

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Citadel bases provide a solid foundation and firm support for your miniature models. They are a blank canvas that you can customize to give your armies a uniform look and add character and depth to your models.

In this set you will receive a total of 20 Citadel rectangular bases measuring 30 mm x 60 mm. Designed specifically for use in Warhammer: the Old World games, these bases are the perfect choice for cavalry units such as Knights of the King, Knights of the Empire, Centigors and Boar Rider mobs. They offer enough space to safely place these imposing riders and their mounts and at the same time enough room for creative painting and design.

The possibilities for painting are limitless. You can reflect the colors of your faction, add unique symbols or integrate special terrain motifs to adapt the bases to the world of "Warhammer: the Old World". These rectangular bases allow you to unleash your creativity and customize your armies.

For guidance on base sizes, please refer to Warhammer: The Old World - Warring Hordes and Warhammer: The Old World: Radiant Armies, available separately.


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