Chaos Terminators

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A Chaos Terminator is an experienced Chaos Space Marine who wears dreadnought tactical armour (Terminator armour) and serves as one of the Traitor Legions' strongest infantry strike Forces.

Separated and cast out of the Empire of Mankind after turning their backs on the Emperor of Mankind, the Chaos Space Marines of the Traitor Legions know that there can be no peace, forgiveness or absolution for them. They are fully committed to the path of damnation they have walked for 10,000 standard years, for good or ill.

These genetically enhanced transhuman warriors have all the strengths and abilities of their Imperial counterparts, to which is added the power of Chaos and a brutal devotion to their patron Gods of Chaos.

The armament of the Heretic Astartes differs little from that of the Loyalist Space Marines. They possess the same primary weapons: Bolter, Bolt Pistol, various heavy weapons, knife, sword, or axe; however, some also possess thousands of standard years of combat experience, making these warriors nearly unstoppable killing machines.

The Chaos Space Marines also possess the dreaded and justifiably feared Terminator armour, first used in the hands of the Space Marine Legions at the end of the Great Crusade in the late 30th millennium. This highly coveted and rare power armour is normally only worn by the experienced Chaos Space Marines known as Chosen or Aspiring Champion of Chaos.

Since the time of the Horus Heresy, the brutal reputation of Chaos Terminators as fearsome, unrepentant killers has spread throughout the galaxy.

Chaos Terminators form the elite of their masters' Heretic Astartes warrior squads, for though they are lumbering in comparison to their standard Power Armor comrades, nothing less than a dedicated anti-tank laser can stop a Terminator in its tracks. These skilled killers often act as personal guards to a respected champion of Chaos, enforcing their leader's orders with ruthless efficiency and taking the spoils after each victory.

They tend to be selfish, brutal and crude, using their physical prowess and their master's favour to intimidate other members of their squad. Most Chaos Space Marines do not reject such behaviour, but simply plan to bring about the day when they can abuse this power for themselves.

As any Space Marine in the service of the Emperor will tell you, Terminator armour of one of the known patterns is an ancient and sacred artefact that must be reverently cared for.

The armour is enormously bulky and contains a whole series of fibre bundles and adamantium rods to support the thick plastic steel and ceramic plates that form the outer armour.

Legend has it that the Crux Terminatus emblazoned on the shoulder of each suit contains a fragment of the Emperor's own blessed armour. Each Order can only muster about a hundred of these suits, and not all of their systems are properly understood, as their workmanship dates from times past. Nevertheless, the Astartes veterans who have been honoured to wear one of these masterpieces in war are the Empire's most formidable foot soldiers.

The war suit worn by a Chaos Terminator, on the other hand, is as corrupt and twisted as the traitor within. Where once imperial insignia was emblazoned on its shoulder pieces and greaves, grinning skulls and the Eye of Horus now stare accusingly at those brave enough to look upon them.

Chaos Terminators' Equipment varies dramatically, including weapons taken from slain enemies as trophies and arcane Equipment carefully maintained since the Horus Heresy. Chaos Terminators typically use ranged weapons, typically some sort of combo weapon such as a combo bolter and chain axe, power maul, power claw, power axe, or other powerful melee weapon.

This deadly combination of devastating anti-personnel firepower and melee penetrating power makes a Chaos Terminator a deadly and extremely feared opponent. Some of these Chaos Space Marines carry heavier and more powerful weapons such as the double-barreled Reaper autocannon and the fearsome heavy flamethrower to provide fire support to their comrades.

With this set you can build 5 multi-part Terminators of Chaos. The following weapon options are included in the set.

  • 1 Chain Axe
  • 1 chain fist
  • 1 energy Sword
  • 1 energy axe
  • 1 energy mace
  • 2 Energy fists
  • 2 Energy claws
  • 1 Heavy flamethrower
  • 1 Reaper machine gun
  • 5 Combination weapons


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