Chaos Spawn

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Chaos Spawn are monsters who roam aimlessly, their mad howls echoing across the landscape, and are often used as rampaging monsters by armies of the Slaves to Darkness and Beasts of Chaos. They were once mortals imbued with the entropic energies of Chaos, causing their bodies to endlessly mutate into cruel new forms. Their bones grow into long, spear-like spikes that pierce flesh and skin, while their internal organs rupture and spurt acidic juices before being engulfed once again by the creature's body. Both her mind and will are as deformed as her mind, completely dissolved by the corrupting influence of Chaos, leaving only a desire to kill. They have monstrous strength that often lashes out at their enemies, turning their limbs into writhing tentacles, pseudopodia, and other insane mutations.

Spawn of Chaos can bear the mark of the Dark God that created them.

Gigantic Chaos Spawn are larger, more twisted variants of reality and flesh, and are often viewed as literal nightmares incarnate. With her size, her Gift of the Dark Gods becomes more unstable, and can be blessed with strength and endurance one moment that can morph into fear and unbearable pain the next. They have an unstoppable urge for carnage and carnage, attacking their foes with slavering maws and insane mutations.

Tzeentchian Chaos Spawn, those accompanying Arcanite Cults suffer even more terrifying mutations than the rest of their kind, mutating at the whim of the Great Mutator. They shuffle, crawl, and leap instinctively toward their prey, lashing them with various arrays of clawed tentacles and other hooked appendages.

The Gavespawn see Chaos Spawn as the most blessed creations of Morghur, a form of his degenerate will brought into being. When the mightiest champions of the Gavespawn are badly wounded in battle, they sometimes receive the gift of Morghur and mutate into Spawn of Chaos.


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