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The traitor legions that escaped into the Eye of Terror at the end of the Horus Heresy brought their many Rhino APCs with them. The Rhinos used by the forces of Chaos are a mixture of all makes and patterns, such as Deimos Rhino, Mark Ib, Mark IIb and Mark IIc, and have all been modified and equipped in countless ways, all of which are considered blasphemous by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The vast majority of Rhinos in the service of Chaos forces are of the newer models, as these are both captured from loyalist Space Marine Orders or ceded to Chaos forces when an Order has become a Renegade. Rhinos captured from the Empire usually have all their Imperial iconography and loyalty symbols obscured or removed. Often the crew of the captured vehicle, living or dead, are attached to the hull of the vehicle, usually by chains, hooks and spikes.

There are many Rhinos produced by the hundreds every day in the Eye of Terror on Chaos War Worlds and corrupted Dark Mechanicum Hell-Forges. Many smaller warrior squads of Chaos Space Marines will scour Imperial battlefields to find and salvage battlefield wrecks, and can thus increase the number of Rhinos and other vehicles at their service.

The forces of Chaos greatly enjoy scavenging and corrupting Imperial vehicles, and since Rhinos are easy to repair, they are popular prey. Rhinos under the control of Chaos Space Marines warrior squads are usually armed with either trunnion-mounted, two-link combi-bolters or other combi weapons. Rhinos used by Chaos and Renegade warrior squads that have recently betrayed the Empire, or recently captured Imperial Rhinos, may instead be armed with a Stormbolter or even a Hunter-Killer missile launcher.

Chaos Rhinos can also be armed with a Havoc Missile Launcher, an ancient weapon system that has long since fallen into disuse in the Empire. Chaos Rhinos can also be equipped with Destroyer Blades, Dirge Casters, Dozer Blades, Extra Armor Plated, Chaos Icons or Marks or Warpflame Gargoyles. They may also be possessed by a demon or have been equipped with other "gifts" from the Chaos Gods.

Like the Imperial Rhino, the Chaos Rhino can carry up to ten Chaos Space Marines, but cannot carry Chaos Raptors, Terminators, Daemons, Mutilators or Obliterators. Up to two occupants of the vehicle can fire their weapons from the vehicle's top hatch.

The Rhino is the most common means of transport for Space Marines, and the same is true for the Heretic Astartes, as this machine is so robustly constructed that it can survive hundreds of standard years of warfare and still function at peak efficiency. The APC's chassis is based on a standard template construct, which means it is relatively easy to build, maintain and repair.

This kit contains everything you need to build a Chaos Rhino. You have the option to equip yours with a variety of weapons - including a combi weapon or combi bolter. This kit also includes an upgrade splash frame adorned with spikes, railings and Chaos symbols with plenty of spare parts to customise the rest of your Chaos models.


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