Chaos Space Marines Chaos Lord

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A Chaos Lord is one of the mightiest champions of Chaos, often serving as the commander of a warband of Chaos Space Marines and the other forces of Chaos. A Chaos Lord is usually, though not always, an Astartes heretic himself. They are not necessarily the ones who have properly risen through the ranks hierarchically, but are often the most blessed by the Chaos Gods, or simply the most powerful or charismatic individuals among the forces of Chaos.

The greatest champions of Chaos become Chaos Lords, often receiving hideous mutations and physical alterations from the Ruinous Powers to further their cause. Chaos Lords are so powerful that they can bind the other forces of Chaos to their will, although this often entails a dangerous position, as rising among the forces of Chaos is usually accomplished through the death or assassination of another Chaos Lord or champion is reached. Some Chaos Lords lead by brute force, others by cunning, and some are lunatics bent only on self-exaltation. Others are true worshipers of Chaos and possess a zealous devotion to the Dark Gods' cause.

A Chaos Lord is ultimately always a tyrannical warrior-king who lives to bathe in the blood of the worlds. He strives to bring entire star systems to their knees in the name of his tutelary deities. Filled with relentless ambition and savage pride, many of these champions of disorder were once noble chapter masters and captains of the Adeptus Astartes, but the long Terran years of ceaseless war have twisted their souls into incurability.

It takes a being of exceptional willpower and personal magnetism to unite the Chaos Space Marines warbands that lurk in the warp, and even then, a budding warlord cannot be everywhere at once. Only those marked for greatness by the gods themselves can claim support from heretical Astartes, mortals, and demons alike.

All Chaos Lords are of imposing stature. In the case of the Chaos Space Marines, their genetically enhanced transhuman bodies became even more impressive with the shifting caress of the warp. Their gear is often as outlandish as their physical appearance; A Chaos Lord can chop through his foes with a massive chain axe, blast them with an ancient combi-weapon, or slash their vehicles with a shrieking demon sword.

This kit builds a Chaos Lord. It is supplied in 6 plastic components and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.


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