Chaos Space Marine Raptors

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Chaos Space Marine Raptors are the dedicated assault infantry of the Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines. Raptors consider themselves elite assault troops, similar to the warriors that make up the Loyalist Space Marine Assault Squads, although they are much more selfish and self-centred. As Raptors are used to striking at the weakest point of an enemy line, this tactical use has been expanded into a clear philosophy dedicated to the concept of hunting the weak and turning them into vicious hunters. Known as Raptors, the ferocious terror squads consider themselves the elite of the Heretic Astartes warrior hosts. Their murder squads embody what the Assault Marines of the Traitor Legions have become.

Though once rare and highly prized Imperial troops, the Raptors have succumbed to their own pride and lust for violence. They now roam the galaxy as merciless hunters, relishing the fear they cause as they plummet screaming from the sky. Within the ancient legions of Space Marines, Jump Pack troops were relatively rare. Horus knew well the value of the surprise attack, and such was his military genius that the arrival of his Assault Marines was the turning point in dozens of critical battles.

They would be held in reserve until the enemy exposed a weakness in his battle line, whereupon whole Jump Pack companies would rush into the fray, breaking the enemy's defences wide open with meltagun, flamethrower, bolt pistol and chainsword. When Horus began his revolt against the Emperor, his armies comprised more than half the Jump Pack-equipped Legion assault units of the vast legions of Space Marines of that day. Though only a small percentage of the total size of Horus' army, there were still tens of thousands of such Astartes under his command.

Like all Space Marines of the Traitor Legions, these troops were slowly and insidiously corrupted by the Chaos Gods, so that step by step they were transformed into something that was, all things considered, the opposite of what they once were. Where once there were proud, noble warriors of the Space Marines, now stood the vain, selfish creatures that quickly became known both to themselves and their enemies as Raptors. Exactly who the Raptors worship, however, is by no means clear; it could be one of the great Chaos Gods, such as Tzeentch or Slaanesh, but it is more likely to be one of the plethora of lesser Chaos deities, not as powerful as the great powers, but just as dangerous and evil.

Whoever they worship, the Raptors have become increasingly corrupted over time, their armour mutated by some strange force of Chaos to bear only a passing resemblance to the noble power armour it once was.
This multi-part plastic kit contains 116 parts, five round bases (32mm) and a Chaos Space Marines decal sheet that can be used to build 5 Chaos Space Marines Raptors or 5 Chaos Space Marines Warp Talons.

This kit comes unpainted and must be assembled - we recommend using Citadel plastic glue and Citadel paints.


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