Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore

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Chaos Sorcerer Lords are the oracles and seers of the Slaves to Darkness. They manipulate and twist the raw energies of Chaos, butchering a man's soul and imbuing his flesh with demonic power with just a single incantation. Due to their close connection to the Dark Gods, they often hold high positions within a tribe, as they are the best at guessing at their true intentions. A common superstition holds that slaying such a warlock brings bad luck—although that doesn't stop cocky champions from trying.

While most casters are less physically imposing, that doesn't mean they're less capable of defending themselves—they can unleash bolts of warpfire, transform their opponents into myriad new and unsettling forms, and even predict imminent betrayal. For this reason, a Sorcerer Lord is often the Dark God's most disadvantaged servant - to retain and extend this power, they will commit every unspeakable deed, perform every ritual sacrifice, and parley with the Demons, inevitably driving them further into madness and mutation slide off

To compensate for their perceived physical weaknesses, a Chaos Sorcerer Lord will often attempt to even the balance by enslaving a Manticore to his will. Unlike Chaos Lords, sorcerers don't break the beasts through force alone - they use spells of binding and mental domination to bind the beasts and force them to bend to their will. That doesn't always work—and more than one warlock has met a grisly end after attempting to force servitude or elude magical control on a particularly stubborn Manticore. But the risk is worth the reward for many, as those who manage to successfully bind such a creature will find themselves with a mount that responds almost instantly to their every whim, angrily tearing the enemy apart while the Sorcerer Lord is free to cast his magic unhindered.

This multi-part plastic kit contains one Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore. The highly detailed kit comes in 62 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 120mm by 92mm Oval base. The kit can also be assembled as a Chaos Lord on Manticore.


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