Chaos Master of Executions

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A Master of Executions is a Chaos Space Marine dedicated to the service of the Blood God Khorne.

He has dedicated his existence entirely to the art of killing, especially the use of the melee weapons so favoured by his Dark God. Masters of Execution ride the battlefield like avenging war gods, seeking their prey with warp-enhanced senses.

Masters of Execution sometimes serve as commanders of Chaos forces in battle and are particularly common among the warrior hosts of the World Eaters Traitor Legion.

Amidst the roaring tumult of battle, a Master of Execution strides unflinchingly forward, his thoughts focused on the gruesome beheadings he will soon perform. He is a being of singular purpose, a brutal weapon in the arsenal of the heretical Astartes, and his existence is driven by an insatiable desire to capture the heads of powerful champions and charismatic leaders as trophies.

When he reaches the enemy's lines, he raises his giant axe. Lowly soldiers are hacked to pieces with despicable speed, their deaths providing the executioner with only the most fleeting moments of pleasure - hot splashes of blood feel cold against his skin, and the screams of terror that come as his blade makes its descent ring hollow his ears. Yet every body he cleaves through brings him closer to his prey.

As the Master of Executions approaches the enemy's champion, he roars his deadly decree, proclaiming that the enemy warrior's life is forfeit to the Dark Gods. With terrifying speed he approaches his avowed victim, shattering every defence it offers with blow after blow.

A final unerring swing sends the energy-shrouded axe blade carving through armour, flesh and spine without slowing. As he watches the severed flesh of his opponent swirl through the air and streams of arterial blood spurt from the tumbling corpse, the Executioner feels the gaze of the Chaos Gods fall upon him.

 This kit builds a Master of Executions. It comes in 9 plastic components, including a choice of nude or hooded, and comes with a 40mm Citadel round base.


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