Chaos Knights

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There are few sights more terrifying than Chaos Knights thundering across the horizon, lances lowered, ready to impale their foes. This standalone version includes an upgrade sprue frame with command options to deck out your knights with appropriately fearsome accessories like champion banners, instruments, and paraphernalia.

This multi-part plastic kit makes five Chaos Knights - bone-crunching elite cavalry sworn to the Ruinous Powers. These mounted warriors wield cursed spears and Chaos Runeshields, clad in menacing armor and elaborate shields. Cloaks billowing behind them, hooves raised in a charge, these models exude a chilling momentum on their twisted war-steeds. The kit contains components to build one model as a Doom Knight champion, who can be armed with a cursed flail or an enchanted warhammer in place of a lance, and comes with a choice of alternative helms, as well as a unique rune shield and steed's head. You can also build one model as a Hornblower musician and another as a standard bearer with a large flag topped by one of five chaotic sigils - one each for Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, and Chaos Undivided.

This kit comes as 74 plastic components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases. These miniatures are supplied disassembled and unpainted - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Color paints.

Chaos Knight Background

“Knights of Chaos are formidable fighters, raised from a strong tribe of Norsemen, whose skills have been honed over the years through constant battles with each other and other races. They are held in fear and awe by the tribes of the north and have great respect and authority among the tribes."

Towering Chaos Warriors clad in the thickest of Chaos armor, Chaos Knights have a fearsome reputation throughout the realms as some of the most feared Horsemen in the Known World.

The grey-haired generals of the Old World are constantly called upon to fight unholy and repulsive foes. Fighting against the shambling hordes of the living dead and the rampaging greenskin armies, they meet invasion after invasion with little more than cold steel and iron resolve. These brave individuals battle massive monsters and twisted mutants psychotically devoted to overthrowing civilization itself, but there is one sight that strikes terror into even the most battle-hardened commander - the sight of a regiment of Chaos Knights galloping up through the mists You to.

Chaos Knights are feared across the Old World and beyond as ruthless slayers capable of changing the course of battle with a single thunderous attack. They ride into battle on immensely powerful Chaos Steeds, both rider and mount clad in thick Chaos Armor, each section of armor crafted by a Demonsmith of the Chaos Dwarf Master.


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