Changeling of Tzeentch

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The Changeling of Tzeentch

The Changeling, also known as the "Trickster of Tzeentch," is a demonic horror created by Tzeentch, embodying the Lord of Change's love of sowing discord and distrust and his twisted sense of humor. Tzeentch long ago bestowed upon the changeling the ability of a doppelganger to assume any form, from the smallest insect to the largest Great Demon.

The Changeling pranks both in the Realms of Chaos and in real space, always aiming to bring about the perpetual change his patron loves. The only form the changeling cannot take is that of Tzeentch and his own, for he has long since forgotten his original form and is desperate to regain that knowledge by any means necessary.

Only the Great Schemer knows the changeling's true form, and he will never reveal it in order to keep his favored pawn under his control. The most accomplished trickster of Tzeentch's demons is the changeling, the embodiment of the great schemer's desire to interfere and deceive. The changeling possesses a supernatural ability to take the form of any other creature in the universe with unerring precision. He is the ultimate doppelganger; there is no form the changeling cannot duplicate, no quirk it cannot adopt. From small animals to towering alien monsters, commoners to planetary governors, the changeling has embodied them all.

In fact, the only image the changeling cannot replicate is that of Tzeentch himself, for the Great Schemer does not tolerate anyone impersonating his identity. A restless and mischievous demon, the Changeling roams the galaxy and warp alike, playing devastating tricks on the unwary. He lives to sow discord and conflict, and delights in sowing mistrust and confusion. Many Lords across the galaxy have made unusual and catastrophic decisions, only to later deny they were even there at the time the decision was made. On many battlefields a great hero has fought an opponent who was his reflection, and his comrades could not tell the difference between the two until it was too late.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble one Changeling. Armed with the Trickster's staff in one arm, with his sinister serpent at the end, his other 3 (yes, 3) arms are all focused on his left side and prepare to blast warpfire at an unfortunate foe. Clad in a cloak containing 3 mysterious scrolls, with a huge hood obscuring his face and concealing his identity, he stands atop magical flames that lift him from his base.

It comes as 15 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base.


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