Champion of the God of Lust

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In the realm of the gods, there was a champion known as the Lust God. He was a master of seduction and desire, able to entice even the most pure-hearted mortals into his embrace.

His appearance was stunning, with chiseled features and hair as black as the night sky. His eyes were a piercing shade of blue, and his skin was flawless and golden. Everywhere he went, he left a trail of swooning admirers in his wake.

The Lust God was not one for fighting, preferring instead to win his battles with charm and charisma. He used his powers to manipulate others, weaving intricate webs of desire that left his opponents helpless to resist.

But the Lust God was not without his own weaknesses. Despite his seemingly endless appetite for pleasure, he longed for a deeper connection with someone who could truly understand him.

And then, one day, he met his match. She was a goddess of beauty and grace, with eyes as green as the forest and hair as red as flame. The Lust God was immediately drawn to her, and he used all his charms to win her over.


  • One 32 mm miniature of the Champion of the God of Lust, cast in metal.
  • Unpainted and unassembled.
  • 1 plastic base included.

These items are miniature pieces, not a toy. Not suitable for small Children.


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