Chained Magic

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In the heart of the Guild, where law and order converge with the arcane and the supernatural, a group of relentless individuals known as the Witch Hunters emerges to combat the forces of darkness that threaten the fabric of reality. These zealous enforcers are armed with a singular purpose: to purge the world of all that is deemed magical, arcane, and unnatural.

The Thalarian Quellers, stalwart and unyielding, form the core of the Witch Hunters' ranks. Clad in armor and armed with weapons infused with righteous power, they stand as the Guild's first line of defense against the arcane and the unknown. With unwavering determination, they traverse the streets and alleys, seeking out those who wield magic in defiance of the Guild's authority.

The Sanctioned Spellcasters, however, are a complex addition to the Witch Hunters' arsenal. Blurring the lines between the mystical and the lawful, they are both feared and revered. Trained to channel their magical abilities to serve the Guild's cause, these individuals possess the unique power to wield magic without being branded as enemies. Their sanctioned status makes them a necessary but controversial asset within the Witch Hunters' ranks.

United by their fervent belief in the Guild's doctrine, the Witch Hunters are unrelenting in their pursuit of justice and order. Their actions are driven by a sense of duty to eradicate the taint of magic from Malifaux, even if it means turning against their own kind. Their zealotry is both their strength and their vulnerability, for their relentless pursuit of their cause can blind them to the complexities of the world around them.

Within the dark underbelly of Malifaux, the Witch Hunters' presence casts a shadow over both the magical and the mundane. Their mission to eradicate all forms of magic has earned them both admiration and enmity, as they toe the line between guardians of order and oppressors of those who wield arcane power. In a city teeming with secrets and supernatural forces, the Witch Hunters stand as a testament to the power of conviction and the dangers of fanaticism.


  • Thalarian Quellers x2
  • Sanctioned Spellcaster x3


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