Centurion Assault Squad

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Centurion Assault Squads excel at storming enemy fortifications. They carry heavy siege drills that can penetrate even the strongest enemy fortifications or turn a living enemy into a bloody mass of broken bones.

This kit contains 3 models that can be assembled as a Centurion Assault Squad. All weapons and upgrades available to the unit are included. Before attaching the specific weapon combinations, the bodies must first be assembled. There are 3 different torsos, 3 individual pairs of legs, 6 different shoulder armor variants and 7 heads (4 helmeted, 3 bare-bones) to choose from.

Centurion Assault Squad members wield a siege drill on each arm and have the option of either a twinned flamethrower or twinned meltagun. The breastplates can be equipped with either Ironclad assault grenade launchers or a Hurricane bolter.

To give your unit the finishing touch, you can choose an additional feathered helm to clearly identify the Sergeant. There is also an Omniscope, an Eagle Banner Pole, Purity Seals and a Steel Star.

The Space Marine range is designed so that all plastic parts can be interchanged between the different kits. While the Centurion Squad is a truly unique unit, the heads can be swapped out with any of the Space Marines' plastic range. The same goes for the myriad of accessories found in the rest of the Space Marine kits. So you can put together a truly unique collection of miniatures.

This plastic kit contains 175 components with which to make either a 3 man Space Marine Centurion Assault Squad or a 3 man Centurion Devastator Squad. Also included is 1 sheet of Ultramarines Infantry Transfers for adding Chapter symbols and squad markings to your warriors.

This kit is unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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