Catacomb Command Barge

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Catacomb Command Barges

Catacomb Command Barges are Necron anti-gravity skimmers used by Necron Lords and Overlords as personal transport.

The more aggressive Necron Overlords monitor the battlefield from a Catacomb Command Barge. In ancient times, this ship hovered high above the army, allowing all Necrontyr to see and be encouraged by their overlord's presence. However, with the mechanical Necrons, they no longer have the ability to need such emotions. In modern times, the catacomb is a massive carrier wave generator that allows an overlord to issue instant orders to nearby troops. At the beginning of a battle, the overlord will often seek an elevated vantage point so that he can better guess the enemy's intended strategy. Actual operation of the barge falls under the Necron nobility, and piloting of the spacecraft is left to two enslaved Necron crews permanently attached to their stations. However, service aboard a Command Barge is considered a great Honor.

While embarking on a command ship, a Necron Overlord can oversee the battle, making sure his troops are engaged on appropriate targets and that everything is going according to plan. The Command Barge is capable of immediately delivering orders to Necron forces. The Command Barge can also act as a combat vehicle should the Overlord so desire, its hardwired pilots able to fly it into the thick of the action where a Necron Lord can launch daring attacks on unsuspecting enemy units with his war scythe. Serving aboard a command ship is considered a great honor, but it also comes with great risk, as these pilots are often the target of vengeance from their angry lords.

Similar to the Annihilation Barge, the Catacomb Command Barge favors carrying capacity over firepower, despite being armed with a Tesla Cannon.

This multi-part plastic set contains 84 components, two Citadel Flying Staffs, one Citadel 60mm Flying Base, one Citadel 32mm Round Base, and two Necron Transfer Sheets with which to build either a Necron Catacomb Command Barge or an Annihilation Barge.

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Schwebender Duo-Bausatz
5 from 5

Sehr schönes Modell und und in den verschiedenen Bau-Optionen auch durchaus öfter in diversen Listen zu finden, weil brauchbar. Zudem gibt es - für GW untypisch - fast soetwas wie eine Beigabe, denn es ist ein Hochlord im Bausatz inbegriffen, den man in 99% der Fälle gebrauchen kann. Um dem Sahnehäubchen die Kirsche aufzustezen, kommt dieser sogar mit 2 Optionen für die linke Hand: nichts oder Res Orb. Qualität und Optik sind zudem genau nach meinem Geschmack.

Robert G., 30.05.2012 Verified purchase
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