Caste Enclaves Missile Racks (6)

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Looking for a devastating weapon to add to your wargaming collection? Look no further than the Caste Enclaves Missile Rack. This powerful weapon is a force to be reckoned with - proven to be able to annihilate even a Space Legionary with ease.

Designed to fit seamlessly into 28 mm scale wargames, this set is made from the highest quality resin and requires assembly. While the set is supplied unpainted, it's intended for experienced modelers who are comfortable with trimming, bending, and fitting resin parts. To ensure a secure fit, we recommend washing all resin parts before assembly with tap water and mild detergent, and using Kromlech Superglue or other cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Whether you're looking to dominate the battlefield or take out your opponents with ease, the Caste Enclaves Missile Rack is the perfect addition to your wargaming collection. So don't hesitate - order yours today and experience the devastating power of this remarkable weapon for yourself.

Contains six Caste Enclaves Missile Racks - three left ones, and three right ones.


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