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Step into the realm of haunting dreams and sorrowful echoes with this chilling figure, embodying the enigmatic power and mournful essence of both the Nightmare and Woe keywords. This figure stands as a poignant symbol of the darkness and sorrow that define the Neverborn's connection to the realm of nightmares.

At the center of this ensemble stands Carver, a figure that embodies the very essence of the Nightmare and Woe keywords. Its presence on the battlefield reflects its ability to channel both the haunting dreams and the somber lamentations that intertwine within the Neverborn's realm.

United under the dual influence of the Nightmare and Woe keywords, this figure captures the Neverborn's mastery of invoking both fear and melancholy. Whether it's through the unsettling depths of the human subconscious, sorrowful echoes, or the fusion of both, this figure epitomizes the Neverborn's fascination with channeling the emotional and enigmatic aspects of the dream realm. Embrace the power of haunting dreams and poignant sorrow, command with nightmarish influence, and lead your Nightmare and Woe forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction towards triumph.


  • Carver


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