Cannon Fodder 2 (Females)

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The Cannon Fodder may be seen as the underdogs of Death Fields sport, but their spirit and tenacity are unmatched. From the ragtag squad of washouts, mental cases, and fallen franchises, they come together to take on the established teams in a battle of sheer numbers. With basic weaponry and nothing to lose, they fight for their chance at glory and fortune, even if it means facing the possibility of a Real Death.

This box set is a tribute to the Cannon Fodder's resilience, containing 24 hard plastic troops with standard rifles and plasma weapons. The set comes with grenades, backpacks, and other accessories to customize your force, and the five different head types allow for a diverse range of looks. Not only can they be used for Death Fields, but also for creating planetary militias, escaped prisoners, or even a starship crew. The mix and match arms option provides even more possibilities for customization. Join the ranks of the Cannon Fodder and make your mark in the brutal world of Death Fields.


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