Camila the Old Witch

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Camila's arrival in town remains shrouded in mystery, her origins and intentions known to none. Living discreetly on the outskirts, she offers her supernatural talents to those who show her kindness. Despite the whispers that follow in her wake, the townsfolk have come to accept her presence, recognizing the potential advantages of having a witch on their side.

With her enigmatic aura and elusive nature, Camila navigates the shadows of Resinburg, her abilities sought after by those in need. While some may harbor suspicions about her motives, others understand the pragmatic value of having a practitioner of the arcane arts in their midst. After all, in a world where the line between friend and foe is often blurred, having a witch on your side may prove to be a wise investment.

As long as Camila refrains from stirring up trouble, the townsfolk are content to let her dwell in their midst, acknowledging the benefits of having her expertise at their disposal. In a place where secrets abound and danger lurks around every corner, the presence of a skilled witch may be the difference between success and failure in the face of the unknown.

This kit contains 1 resin Old Witch model.

Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models and as diorama decorations. Suitable for various games in different settings (dark age, medieval, fantasy, horror).

Elements supplied unpainted and require Assembly.


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