Calle Trascurato

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I'm not sure what is worse the Guild climbing on our roof, or the Rashashaar throwing rocks through our windows...

Introducing the Calle Trascurato – a stunning ensemble of three buildings designed to elevate your tabletop gaming experience to new heights. With their exquisite architecture and varying heights, these buildings offer a multitude of options for your Carnevale tabletop adventures.

Whether you choose to use them together as a cohesive set or spread them out across your gaming table, the Calle Trascurato buildings add depth and dimension to any gaming environment. Their varying heights allow Carnevale models to easily scale the buildings, adding a dynamic element to your gameplay.

But the versatility of the Calle Trascurato doesn't end there. Thanks to the innovative Modular Venetian kits, these buildings can be combined and customized in countless ways. Using a convenient clip system, you can seamlessly link multiple kits together to create intricate and elaborate structures reminiscent of the iconic architecture found in Venice itself.

The result? Something greater than the sum of its parts – a sprawling cityscape that transports you and your fellow gamers to the winding streets and picturesque canals of Renaissance-era Venice. With the Calle Trascurato and Modular Venetian kits, the possibilities are as endless as your Imagination.

This kit is made from 3mm MDF and has been designed for Carnevale, using multiple storeys to climb and jump, and roofs at easy angles so that miniatures will not fall off when darting across the Venetian skyline. It is a great piece of scenery to use with other 28-32mm games.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results.


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