Cadian Company Command

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Cadian Company Command

A commando is a specialized unit of the Imperial Guard, usually escorting high-ranking officers into combat. They are tasked with protecting their commanding officer and leading whatever specialized combat missions he undertakes.

The Watch uses two types of command squads: Company Command Squads and Platoon Command Squads.

A Company Command Squad accompanies the company's senior officer into combat, and their primary role is to direct the company's various units to carry out the officer's orders.

A typical Company Command Squad consists of five men, including the Company Officer. The Guardsmen selected to join the Commando Squad are among the most competent soldiers in the company and have often shown exceptional bravery. Command Squad members can expect to receive additional training as specialized orderlies such as medics or comm operators.

A typical commando command includes:

  • Vox Operator: The Vox Operator receives specialized training using Guard communications equipment and often acts as an officer's assistant or aide-de-camp. Some Vox Operators are referred to as Communications Officers and appear to have some degree of NCO authority, although classified as a rank-and-file Guardsman.
  • Medic: Always a veteran and equipped with some form of medi-pack allowing him to tend wounded fellow Guardsmen, a medic is also a Soldier, meaning he is as skilled in combat as any regular Guardsman. Such battlefield medics may be referred to as a corpsman or even an orderly and typically do not hold an officer rank. Commando Corps medics are not always true members of a regiment's medical staff, meaning they are not fully qualified medical officers (aka physicians and/or surgeons). Such personnel often remain at the rear of the regiment, awaiting incoming casualties. Standard Bearer: A standard bearer is also usually a seasoned soldier and has the honor of carrying a company or regimental standard.

This kit is supplied in 79 plastic components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 25mm Round bases.

The set contains five models with different equipment options, etc. can be built

  • 1x officer
  • 1x medic
  • 1x soldier with special weapon
  • 1x company standard
  • the following weapon options are also included
  • sniper rifle
  • plasma gun
  • grenade launcher
  • flamethrower
  • melter
  • energy fist
  • chainsword
  • power sword
  • plasma pistol
  • bolt pistol
  • laser gun
  • two different standards and nine heads

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Ware GW typisch und originalverpackt. Wie aus dem GW-Shop nur eben preiswert, statt mondpreis.

Ab sofort ist Kutami meine erste Bezugsquelle.

Markus P., 07.08.2012
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Gute Figuren, vielseitig verwendbar und mit einer ganzen menge nützlichem Zubehör. Kann ich nur Empfehlen.

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