Cadian Command Squad

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Guardsmen can give in a little when left to their own devices, and it's the job of the Cadian Command Squad to direct their efforts with orders. The Platoon Commander reinforces nearby infantry, while the Medic, Standard Bearer, and Vox Caster add their own unique abilities to the mix.

Cadia's officer class is made up of exceptional leaders who serve in what are perhaps the Empire's finest regiments. Trained to be the best and surrounded by a cadre of hand-picked guards and aides, these uncompromising veterans expect no less from the troops under their command. Some are as inspirational as the regimental standards carried in their wake, while others are as motivating as the terse orders issued by their comm operators.

This multi-part plastic kit makes one Cadian Command Squad, consisting of one Cadian Commander and four Veteran Guardsmen. The Cadian Commander is armed with your choice of a laser pistol, bolt pistol, or plasma pistol in one hand and a chainsword, power sword, or power fist in the other. Each of the accompanying Veterans is equipped differently - a Field Medic with a laspistol and medipack, a Vox Operator with a laspistol and a Master Vox System, a bodyguard with a laspistol and your choice of chainsword, power sword, or power fist, and a flag bearer, carrying a laser cannon alongside a regimental standard. The bodyguard and standard-bearer can instead each be built as weapon specialists, armed with your choice of flamethrower, grenade launcher, meltagun, or plasma cannon.

The kit includes even more cosmetic options to make your Command Squad stand out like binoculars, sling and stowed weapons, three regimental standard finials, and lots of different head and base options to mix and match within the squad - enough to make sure every commando squad in your army looking like the unique veterans they are.

This kit comes as 123 plastic components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 28.5mm Round bases. Also included is an Astra Militarum Infantry Transfer Sheet with 597 transfers featuring numerals, squad markings and Cadian regimental heraldry. These miniatures come unpainted and require assembly

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Gutes Gesamtpaket. Netter Kontakt, flexibler Service und trotz des Hinweises muss erst bestellt werde schnelle Lieferung (ca. eine Woche). Klasse! Auch an de Verpackung ist nichts aus zu setzten, solide Arbeit und Versand via DHL.

Ware GW typisch und originalverpackt. Wie aus dem GW-Shop nur eben preiswert, statt mondpreis.

Ab sofort ist Kutami meine erste Bezugsquelle.

Markus P., 07.08.2012 Verified purchase
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5 from 5

Gute Figuren, vielseitig verwendbar und mit einer ganzen menge nützlichem Zubehör. Kann ich nur Empfehlen.

Dennis R., 30.03.2022 Verified purchase
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