Buy Bushido, the tabletop game set in feudal Japan!

Welcome to the fascinating world of Bushido, one of the most exciting tabletop games around! At Kutami, you will find a wide selection of Bushido products, including miniatures, rulebooks, and accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

Bushido is a tabletop game set in feudal Japan and based on Asian culture and mythology. The game features a variety of factions, including samurai, ninjas, and monsters, as well as unique characters and heroes. Each faction has its own special abilities and skills to master.

The game offers a blend of strategic combat, tactical gameplay, and role-playing. Players must move and position their miniatures to gain tactical advantages while using their skills and rolls to defeat their opponents. The rules of Bushido are easy to learn but difficult to master, providing endless tactical possibilities.

The Bushido miniatures are beautifully designed and detailed to reflect the beauty and style of feudal Japan. Many players enjoy painting and customizing their miniatures to create their own armies.

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