Burning Chariot of Tzeentch

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Burning Chariots of Tzeentch are great Daemon Engines of Tzeentch, racing like fiery meteors across the Realm of Chaos, bringing the chosen emissaries of the Great Wizard to every corner of existence. Blazing through the skies of the mortal world, Chariots of Tzeentch are often mistaken for comets, which in turn are interpreted as omens of great events and terrible wars.

Capable of channeling magical flame far more powerfully than their lesser brethren, the Exalted Flamers riding the Burning Chariots can summon great billowing pods of warp magic or hurl bolts of magical alteration that cause the air to boil her passing. The Discs and Screamers that make up the bizarre chariot are in turn drawn to raw magic like moths to a flame, and hence to the Exalted Flamers, oozing savory sorcery from every pore and crease of their mushroom-like flesh.

Sometimes a Burning Chariot is even accompanied by a handful of grumpy Blue Horrors. Always willing to meet up with anyone other than the irritating and incessantly cheerful Pink Horrors, the diminutive Daemons also find the Burning Chariot an excellent vehicle to sow their own brand of dour mischief - usually in the form of crude insults , but they are also content to grimly beat or strangle anyone who approaches.

More unusual are the Burning Chariots bound in service with the Heralds of Tzeentch. These are usually acquired through tricks - Heralds have little patience at the best of times and none at all when it comes to training Screamers and Discs. They therefore consider "borrowing" a chariot from an Exalted Flamer to be entirely consistent with their status. Such a feat requires great cunning indeed if the Herald in question is to escape the Flamer's wrath. Indeed, many heralds bear the scars of past battles and craft complex magical wards to forewarn them when the true owner of their chariot comes to reclaim its property. All these trials and tribulations seem to be nothing, however, once the Herald can dash and dive across the battlefield with his new possession, cackling madly as he unleashes his fearsome sorcery on his god's enemies.


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