Burning Bridges

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In the ever-twisting landscape of Malifaux, where the line between magic and reality is blurred, the Arcanists rise as masters of elemental forces and mystical power. Among their ranks, the followers of the Wildfire keyword embody the untamed essence of fire, wielding its destructive beauty to shape the fate of the world.

At the forefront of the Wildfire movement within the Arcanists stands Elijah Borgmann, a man with a wild mane of hair and eyes that gleam with the intensity of a burning furnace. A pyromancer of unparalleled skill, he dances on the precipice between creation and annihilation, molding flames into potent weapons and blazing defenses. His connection to the very heart of fire grants him an uncanny control over its might.

In the crucible of elemental magic, the Fire Golem emerges as both guardian and embodiment of the wildfire's fury. Forged from molten rage and enchanted metals, this towering colossus radiates heat that warps the air around it. Its gaze alone can ignite adversaries, reducing them to ash. As it strides across the battlefield, it leaves trails of searing flames in its wake, consuming all that stands in its path.

A trio of Firebranded hails the call of the Wildfire. These arcanists wield fire as both weapon and brush, sculpting flames to their whims. Cloaked in robes adorned with flickering runes, they ignite the battlefield with their fiery spells. With each gesture, they summon infernos that engulf enemies and sear their souls, turning the very air into a tempest of incineration.

The Arcanists of the Wildfire keyword harness the raw, destructive power of flames to reshape the fate of Malifaux. These practitioners of incendiary magic thrive amidst the chaos, setting ablaze both enemies and the landscape itself. Their mastery over fire is a double-edged sword, embodying both creation and destruction. Through their unyielding will and blazing fervor, they seek to forge a new destiny in the shadowed realm, where fire's flickering light offers both warmth and annihilation.


  • Elijah Borgmann
  • Fire Golem
  • 3 Firebranded


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