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Model Building & Tabletop Brushes -

Welcome to the category Model Building & Tabletop Brushes at! Here you will find a comprehensive selection of brushes for your model building, tabletop and miniature projects. The right brushes are essential for precisely and cleanly painting your models, figures and terrain pieces.

Our selection of brushes

In this category, we offer a variety of brushes for different applications and techniques, including:

  • Detail brushes for fine lines and small details
  • Flat brushes for larger areas and soft transitions
  • Round brushes for precise and uniform application of colors
  • Dry brushes for dry brushing and highlighting techniques

Tips for using brushes

To achieve optimal results with your brushes, consider the following tips and advice:

  1. Brush selection: Choose the right brush for the respective application and desired technique. Consider the size, shape and bristle type to achieve the best possible results.
  2. Brush care: Clean your brushes thoroughly with water or a suitable brush cleaner after each use to remove color residues and extend the life of the brushes. Dry the brushes in the air and store them in an upright position to avoid deformations.
  3. Brush pressure: Apply the right pressure to the brush to apply the color evenly and precisely. Too much pressure can damage the brush bristles and cause uneven color application.
  4. Color mixing: Mix your colors on a palette or in a mixing container to achieve the desired consistency and color depth. Use a thinner or water as needed to bring the color to the right consistency.
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