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Brunilda, the formidable commander of the Valkyries, stands as a figure of both reverence and fear among the gods of Asgard. In some versions of the ancient tales, she is not only a mighty warrior but also the daughter of Odin, the King of gods—a lineage that lends her an air of regal authority and divine power.

Yet, even gods are not immune to the capricious whims of fate, and in some versions of the stories, Brunilda finds herself ensnared in a web of betrayal and treachery. Punished by Odin for perceived transgressions, she is locked away in a towering fortress, her fate bound to that of a mortal man who is fated to come to her rescue.

But fate, it seems, has a cruel sense of irony, for when the man arrives to free her from her prison, he proves to be her greatest betrayer. In a shocking twist of events, Brunilda finds herself abandoned and forsaken, her trust shattered and her spirit consumed by a fiery thirst for vengeance.

From the depths of her despair rises a new Brunilda—a figure transformed by the fires of betrayal into a symbol of righteous retribution. With the fury of a tempest, she vows to exact vengeance upon those who have wronged her, her every action fueled by a burning desire for justice.

No longer bound by the constraints of loyalty and duty, Brunilda becomes a force of nature unto herself, her name whispered in hushed tones as a harbinger of vengeance and retribution. And as she carves a path of destruction through the realms, she stands as a stark reminder that even the gods themselves are not immune to the consequences of their Actions.

  • 1 miniature cast from metal.
  • Scale: 32mm

Delivered unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.


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