Brothers in Arms

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In the gnome realm, where battles are intricate and fierce, three remarkable individuals shine with exceptional abilities and determination.

Gradock, a resilient militia gnome, wears experience like armor, reducing slicing damage with "Quilted Armour" and recovering wounds with "Tough as Old Boots." His intuition is unmatched, giving allies an edge with "Smell a Lie" and protecting them from catastrophe effects with "Sage Advice." He strategically disables enemies with "Forgetfulness" and traps them with "Snare Traps."

Morris, a shrewd militia gnome, excels in resource gathering and maneuvering. His "Pick" mastery bolsters impact melee damage and diminishes slicing damage. He bypasses carry rules with "Miner" and maneuvers the battlefield with "Shove" while creating obstacles with "Sink Hole."

Young Jack, a fortunate noble militia gnome, wields a fearsome "Ancestral Sword" and protective "Ancestral Shield." His "Lucky" ability manipulates the arcane deck, and "Magic Brew" restores wounds and energy.

In the symphony of gnomish warfare, Gradock, Morris, and Young Jack stand as unique notes, each contributing their own harmonious tune to the faction's melody. With their abilities intertwined, they forge a path of victory, proving that the strength of a gnome is not merely in their stature but in the cunning, resourcefulness, and legacy they carry.


  • 1 x Young Jack Miniature and Stat Card
  • 1 x Gradock Miniature and Stat Card
  • 1 x Morris Miniature and Stat Card

Miniatures are multipart and require Assembly.


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