British Northover Projector

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The Northover Projector, the last black powder weapon ever issued to the British Army, was an improvised anti-tank weapon from the 1940's specifically designed for the Home Guard. It was the brainchild of Major RH Northover, an officer in the Home Guard.

The Projector, another smoothbore weapon, fired the No. 76 Special Brand Grenade (as well as frag grenades) at an effective range of about 150 yards. The projector was usually mounted on a tripod, but examples have been mounted on vehicles, including motorcycle sidecars.

The #76 grenade was designed as a hand-thrown incendiary grenade containing white phosphorus. Tests showed extremely limited effectiveness against armored vehicles. Hideouts of the grenades hidden by the Home Guard and support units still pop up from time to time to the dismay of all involved. Around 19,000 Northover projectors were issued.


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