British Army 17 pdr Anti Tank Gun

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The 17-pdr was developed by the British to counteract the effectiveness of the German tanks during World War II. It was a highly effective weapon against enemy armor (being capable of penetrating over 200mm of armour at short range), and was widely used by both British, Canadian and other Commonwealth forces throughout the war.

The 17-pdr was also used as a tank gun in the British Sherman Firefly tank. In addition to its anti-tank capabilities, the 17-pdr was also used as an artillery piece, capable of engaging enemy fortifications and positions. The gun's mobility was improved by the use of a quad tractor, which allowed the bulky gun to be moved more easily over rough terrain.

The 17-pdr was considered one of the best anti-tank guns of the war, and its effectiveness against enemy armor was crucial in many battles, particularly in the later stages of the war in Europe.


  • 1 metal 17 pound Gun
  • 5 crew members (metal)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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