Brewmaster Core Box

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In the lively and enigmatic expanse of the Bayou, where cultures intertwine and hidden arts thrive, the "Tri-Chi" keyword unveils an ensemble of figures that embody the fusion of traditions and the mystique of the faction. These characters navigate the Bayou's vibrant and ever-shifting landscape with an air of cultural blend and a touch of arcane power that defines the very essence of the faction.

At the forefront of this captivating gathering stands The Brewmaster, a figure that epitomizes the Tri-Chi keyword. With his mastery of both concoctions and hidden arts, The Brewmaster embodies the Bayou's spirit of cultural mix and the pursuit of mystic wisdom. His ability to blend traditions and wield arcane power speaks to the cultural fusion and arcane energy of the faction.

Beside him is Fingers Leong, a character that complements the Tri-Chi keyword's theme of cultural blend and hidden knowledge. This figure thrives in the Bayou's diverse dominion, embodying the spirit of combining traditions and acquiring secrets that characterize the Tri-Chi theme.

Completing this ensemble are Apprentice Wesley and three Moon Shinobi, figures that stand as symbols of the faction's blending of cultures and mastery of hidden arts. With their ability to wield diverse abilities and embrace the mystique of the faction, these characters represent the fusion of traditions and the enigmatic powers of the Bayou.

Together, The Brewmaster, Fingers Leong, Apprentice Wesley, and the Moon Shinobi paint a vivid portrait of the Tri-Chi keyword within the faction's culturally blended dominion. In their presence, the boundaries between traditions and arcane knowledge blur, and the spirit of cultural fusion and hidden arts thrives. As you navigate the intricate and ever-changing landscape of the Bayou, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Tri-Chi – characters that bring cultural blend and arcane power to the forefront, mirroring the very heart of the faction's diverse and enigmatic world.


  • The Brewmaster
  • Fingers Leong
  • Apprentice Wesley
  • 3 Moon Shinobi

  • Malifaux Faction: Bayou
  • Material: Plastic
  • Game System:
  • Language: English

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