Breaka-Boss on Mirebrute Troggoth

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Brecha Boss on Mirebrute

Some Kruleboyz warlords, particularly those of the Beast Breakaz tribe, bolster their already formidable fighting prowess by riding a Mirebrute Troggoth into battle. The combination of veteran Orruk and towering monster has proven strong; what the beast cannot catch up and tear limb by limb will soon be impaled by its rider's bident. Additionally, the beast's ferocity and spectacle means the driver only has to put their life on the line when it really counts - essentially when they know they can win.

Mirebrute Troggoths lurk in the foulest swamps and waterholes of the realms. There they sit neck-deep, squeezing in the dirt amid the blisters of their own bloating until their stomachs tell them to go hunting again. What they catch drown and rot; only when the corpse is soaked and soft will they gorge themselves on it. If they get a few claw marks or bite marks in their mouths, that's little to worry about. Mirebrute Troggoths can regenerate damage at an alarming rate, sealing wounds and repairing broken bones in minutes. They are so insensitive to pain - or maybe their intellect is so tiny - that the link between what is causing the injury and the pain signal itself has been completely severed. A wounded Mirebrute will be vaguely aware that it was hurt, but not how or by what; They will just fight anything around them that they perceive as a threat to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Breaka bosses ride such troggoths for two main reasons. One is the sheer size of the creatures. These beasts are so big and strong that they can wade through deep swamps without slowing down, and the orruks on them don't even get their feet wet before they drip on the others
Side. The other is the Troggoths' separation from physical pain. When a mirebrute is wounded, it will lash out at anything directly in front of it in a violent frenzy - even if the wound is a sharp jab from the spiked bident wielded by its rider. This is especially true if the animal has blinkers; it literally only sees the enemies right in front of it. The Breaka bosses find this ability to stab their steeds and make the enemy pay the price endlessly entertaining. They usually arm their beasts with massive clubs capable of pounding even the Ironjawz, who call such bosses cowards for fighting out of range of the enemy. A well-placed "encouragement" from the Rider of Troggoth, and the boss' critics are crushed very quickly.

This 24-part push-fit kit lets you build a peatbeast Troggoth crushing boss, with a variety of head options for the rider and his grisly beast. The kit includes 1x 80mm Oval base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

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This model is pretty cool. The sculpt has a lot of great detail on it. The price and the service are top notch and you cant beat the shipping cost. Ive looked and Kutamis is the cheapest Ive found. It was also shipped quickly.

Tim R., 11.11.2022
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