Bonesplitterz Savage Orruks

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Savage Orruks

When an orruk migrates to become part of a Bonesplitter warclan, it usually ends up with the Gob Rukks. After giving up cumbersome things like metal weapons and his clothes, he'll patch together a flint spear or chompa and maybe, if he's particularly talented, make a crude bone shield. He also usually covers himself with tattoos or glyphs, each of which is a promise of the great beasts he will slay or a victory he has already won. Each Savage Orruk is a powerful and deadly warrior powered by the churning energy of the Waaagh!. This core of violent magic makes them spontaneously roar and slam their weapons to their chests, forever restless to start a fight. As Waaagh! physique, their eyes glow green, their muscles bulge as they grip their weapons, and their tattoos writhe with a life all their own. It's a sight that can send their foes fleeing, foes who choose the humiliation of retreat rather than meet a brutal death at the hands of the Bonesplitterz. This rage only builds as more Orruk cubs join the fight. A dozen Savage Orruks could hit harder and shrug off wounds than the Waaagh! Energy grabs her. However, when they number in their hundreds, the Bonesplitterz become an unstoppable avalanche of green flesh, landing blows that can split a man in two and ignoring horrific injuries.

This box contains 20 models, which can be built either as Morboys or Savage Orruks.


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