Bolt Action - Sea Lion Part 2 - Operation Gigant - engl.

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In the aftermath of the failed German invasion of Britain, the remaining German forces have been pushed to Kent and prepare to defend against the British attack. However, the German high command refuses to let their momentum falter and instead concocts a new, bold plan - Operation Gigant.

This audacious plan involves glider-borne troops and vehicles to create a surprise second front in North East England, splitting the British defences even further and driving a steel wedge through the heart of the British countryside. As a result, players can expect to face new units and scenarios that explore what could have happened in the historical battles of World War II, re-construct their whole army with new theatre selectors, and take advantage of special rules that showcase the scientific wonders created to invade and defend Britain.

As the Panzerbrigades leave their treads within the mud of the British countryside, players must navigate the challenges of defending or destroying Britain's defences in the face of this unexpected and overwhelming attack. With the German war machine at full force, will the British and remaining Allies be able to hold the Germans off again? Only time will tell as players experience the thrilling action of this alternate history Campaign.


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