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Combined Arms is a strategy board game that allows players to take the initiative in clashes with their opponent and outwit them in the mists of war. In each game, both sides fight for military control over air, land and sea to capture strategic objectives and defend them against the enemy.

You have the choice between four historical theaters of war -from the western and eastern fronts to North Africa and the Pacific, each location offers its own challenges and opportunities. How many of the resources of the players and areas under their control will be left and will these be enough to gain victory over the opponent? Will players go for stealth, or will they attempt to overwhelm their opponent in an all-consuming wave?

Combined Arms is a standalone board game, but you can also incorporate Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, Cruel Seas, or Victory at Sea for an epic continent-spanning campaign. Unique cards link your campaign with your chosen wargames, meaning your choices in the campaign could mean victory or defeat on the tabletop.

The game is entirely in English.

The box includes:

  • 44-Page Rule Manual
  • 4 Game Maps
    • Northwest Europe
    • North Africa
    • the Pacific
    • the Eastern Front
  • Orders Board
  • Operations Board
  • 6  Card Decks
  • 67 Tokens
  • 66 Plastic Miniatures
    • planes, ships, tanks and infantry
  • 30 Plastic tokens for mission objectives
    • Airfields, Cultural centres, radar stations, factories, fortifications
  • 18 Blitz Markers


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