Boingrot Bounders

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Boingrot Bounderz are Squig Hoppers who survive their usual fight or two before being devoured by their mount, run over by an enemy, or killed in an accident.

They are show-offs and wear moon-shaped helmets called Loon Helms, believing that no Squig would dare eat the evil moon, which sometimes seems to be true. The rest of the time, these large armored helmets protect the grot from blows to the head. Bounderz get better at clinging to their steeds, allowing them to focus on combat as well. They are armed with long lances that, when powered by the meteoric momentum of a frenzied Squig, can pierce plate armor and impale victims within. Boingrot Bounderz are excellent linebreakers and shock cavalry with the added bonus of being able to cleanly leap over obstacles in between to propel their charge home with vicious force.

This set makes 10 Squig Hoppers or 10 Boingrot Bounders and includes a wide variety of customization options. Heads, weapons, riders, and squigs: everything is interchangeable, so no two models need be alike, even in a massive horde.

This kit comes as 140 components, and is supplied with ten 32mm round bases.


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