Bloodseeker Palanquin

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Bloodseeker Palanquins are a terrifying palanquin of sinew and bone carried by a Spectral Host. Atop this macabre and luxurious transport, a sinister and cloaked sanguinarch Soulblight Vampire sits in battle while a swarm of tormented, howling Banshee-wraiths of failed wizards swirl above them.

Consuming blood can become an obsession for some vampires, dominating their unlife as they seek the perfect blend of flavors found in the secretions of chosen mortals. While many carefully manipulate or command the breeding of mortals of chosen bloodlines, some choose to ride into battle atop a Bloodseeker palanquin, carried aloft by bound spirits.

As they survey the warfield around them, they command their banshees to pounce on the living, slashing their bodies open with spirit blades so that the blood can be collected and given to the mistress or lord in the palanquin for testing. At the front is a cauldron containing a sanguinarch's intoxicating brew. Other vampires are often drawn to the elixir she is creating and will be driven into a frenzied state that will spark another orgy of slaughter.


Inevitably, the Sanguinarch is a wizard capable of summoning a mystical shield, arcane lightning, or simply sucking gouts of blood from a victim's mouth, nose, and eyes with a leech spell.


The Sanguinarch is armed with a Bloodletting Blade, while her Spectral Host wields shimmering Ethereal Weapons and the Banshees can unleash a Wailing of the Damned.


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