Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne

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In this set you will find everything you need to build your own Bloodmaster. In the style of the Bloodletters he leads, but larger and with added armor, he'll be right at home at the front of your army.

This set consists of 14 plastic components and is supplied with a 40mm round base.


        - Warcry from Khorne's minions

A Herald of Khorne is an elite form of Bloodletter, a minor demon of Khorne. Leading the cohorts of the demonic Blood Legions are the Heralds of Khorne, grinning visions of doom come to life. Whether marching at the head of demonic warriors they lead or riding to war atop a juggernaut, the demons of Khorne fight all the harder in their presence. The Heralds of Khorne are the strongest and most brutal Bloodletters, chosen from among their brethren by the Blood God himself. It is said that once chosen, they will face off against other aspiring Heralds in a vast arena of the Brass Citadel in the Realm of Chaos known as the Skull Pit, and will be forced to enter a contest of champions to wean the undeserving.

The energies of those who fall are reclaimed by Khorne and given to those who remain. Thus the victor is swollen with power, and his Hellblade, having drawn a measure of this new strength, henceforth becomes known as the Blade of Blood. Its bearer also receives a title commensurate with his achievements and preferred method of Warfare. Whether Bloodmaster, Skullmaster, Sacred Executioner, Rendmaster or any other type of Herald, each is a fierce warrior and leads the Khornate demon packs to carry out the will of their reigning Bloodthirster.


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