Bloodletters of Khorne

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Bloodletter of Khorne

“Kill without pity, triumph without regret. You are the legions of Khorne, his favorite warriors. You will bring defeat and death to his enemies. You will crush their worlds under your heel.

    — Rorath'rath the Skullweaver

A Bloodletter, also known as "Chosen of Khorne", "Warmonger of Khorne", "Slaughter-kin", and "Crimson Death", is a lesser demon (Khak'akamshy'y in Dark Tongue) who serves as one of the zealous demonic foot soldiers of the blood legions of the chaos god Khorne. As an army, they march as a unit in formations with supernatural precision, but in battle they seek to outdo one another with ruthless acts of ferocity and ferocity.

The demonic hordes of Khorne consist largely of savage Bloodletters. These lesser demons are deadly warriors believed to be the foremost of the Blood God's followers in mortal life, and whose will is as unrelenting and blood-hungry as Khorne himself.

Sharp, needle-like teeth pierce a Bloodletter's slavering jaws. His snake tongue flickers constantly to taste the spilled blood of those he slays. Beneath the Bloodletter's scaly red skin lies barely visible muscle, knotted tendons that give its jet-black claws the strength needed to pierce the most unyielding armor.

This power is guided by a killing instinct that surpasses that of mortals. A Bloodletter is burdened with no other thought or compulsion than to harvest the lives of Khorne's enemies and claim skulls in the name of its divine master. They wield massive warp-metal swords known as Hellblades, magnificent two-handed weapons that slice through any mortal-made armor with ease.

Bloodletters are Khorne's most numerous warriors, the mainstay of his demonic legions. Her terrible appearance is an assault on the sensibilities of mortals. Their skin is the color of hot blood and their angry eyes resemble burning coals. Bloodletters possess inhuman strength; They can tear a mortal apart with cold-blooded ease, and in battle their long, jagged hellblades glow with the vile energies of the warp. These vicious swords are said to be as sharp as Khorne's own hate. As they slice through the flesh and bones of mortals, they become coated in the blood of the slain, which grows brighter as they slay, enlivened by the rich taste of death.

While Bloodletters aren't the most subtle of creatures, they're not above subterfuge if that leads to an even greater number of skulls being offered to the Blood God. However, where another demon may coax and seduce a mortal victim to forever torment his soul in the Realm of Chaos, a Bloodletter will only ever resort to persuasion or lies to stab an enemy in the back. Bloodletters seek the blood of mortals to offer at the foot of the Skull Throne of Khorne, ever hungry for fresh prey, ever ready to rip the warm flesh from their victims with their claws and spill the blood on their curved horns in triumph and utter ecstasy to smear .

Acts of violent rage and bloody murder echo through the warp like a thundering drumbeat, a pounding echo calling the demons of Khorne to war. Endless regiments of Bloodletters rush to answer the summons in the Realm of Chaos, their bent forms eager to join the slaughter. Filled with an insatiable need for blood, these lesser demons of Khorne are among the most aggressive creatures in the warp. Her unholy howl of triumph at the bloodshed freezes the hearts of all who hear. Equally terrifying are their incessant cries of "Blood for the blood god! Blood for the blood god!" Skulls for the Skull Throne!” Put simply, Bloodletters are violence and murder given physical form and purpose by the will of the Blood God in the Immaterium.

The most numerous troops among the Blood God's demonic hosts are the scarlet-scaled blademasters, the Bloodletters of Khorne. Though roughly humanoid in shape, that's where the similarities to humans, Aeldari, or orcs end. These ferocious creatures possess bestial, snarling faces. Their wiry, iron-muscled bodies are the hue of their master's favorite red and reek of spilled blood. Black horns protrude from the flesh of their heads, acting as ferocious weapons in their own right. Her fingers end in evil claws sharp enough to make a mockery of armor as easily as flesh. Ebony tongues flick across teeth that have consumed the hearts of a thousand warriors from a thousand worlds, and the taste of each remains in the devil's memories.

This plastic box set contains 10 complete miniatures. These finely detailed plastic kits contain a variety of additional parts and accessories that allow you to assemble your Bloodletters in numerous ways. Supplied with ten Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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