Blood Ritual

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Immerse yourself in the primal heritage and unique abilities of the Nephilim keyword with this intriguing trio, embodying the enigmatic connection and distinctive powers that define this faction. These figures unite to form a force that draws strength from their shared lineage and commands the innate essence of the Nephilim on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Hayreddin, a central figure who embodies the very essence of the Nephilim keyword. His presence on the battlefield reflects his mastery over the dark powers and unique abilities that mark the Nephilim lineage.

2 Black Blood Shamans complete the set, representing the mystical leaders of their kin. With their shared heritage, the Black Blood Shaman add both spiritual guidance and uncanny synergy to your forces.

United under the Nephilim keyword, this ensemble captures the Neverborn's mastery of their primal origins and their ability to command the inherent powers of their kin. Whether it's through shared lineage, unique abilities, or the fusion of both, these figures epitomize the Neverborn's fascination with embracing their mysterious heritage. Embrace the power of ancient lineage, command with mystical influence, and lead your Nephilim forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction towards triumph.


  • Hayreddin
  • 2 Black Blood Shaman


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