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Blood Bowl is a fantasy football game that combines the excitement of traditional American football with the violence and brutality of the Warhammer universe. It is a game where players field teams of Orcs, Dwarves, Humans and other fantastical races and engage in vicious battles on the field to score touchdowns and eliminate their opponents.

While the standard Blood Bowl game is played with 11 players per team, Sevens Pitch is designed for a smaller game. With only seven players per team, the pitch is reduced in size to make the game more fast-paced and action-packed.

The Sevens Pitch is an excellent choice for those who want to try Blood Bowl without committing to a full game. It is also a popular choice for friendly clashes as well as charity events and corporate team building activities.

The reversible design of the Sevens Pitch is also a fantastic feature. With a standard grass pitch on one side and astrogranite tiles on the other, players can design the pitch to suit their taste. Standard markings such as end zones, touchdown lines and centre line are all present and accounted for, making it easy for players to understand the rules and how the game is played.

The double-sided dugouts that come with the Sevens pitch are also an excellent addition. Designed specifically for Sevens games, the shorter trackers and additional boxes for reserves, knocked-out and casualty make it easy to keep track of what's happening on the pitch.

Overall, Sevens Pitch is a great way to experience the excitement and brutality of Blood Bowl in a smaller, more intimate setting. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to stay in shape or a newbie looking to try the game for the first time, the Sevens Pitch is a popular and highly recommended way to enjoy Blood Bowl.

You will need a copy of Blood Bowl - The Official Rules and the Death Zone supplement to use this pitch.

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