Blitzkrieg German Support Group (HQ, Mortar & MMG)

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Blitzkrieg Headquarters

German officers were capable and often experienced leaders. Junior officers were trained to assume the role of their own immediate superiors, allowing them to use their initiative when necessary to bring situations under control.

Blitzkrieg Medium Machine Gun Team

The Germans were armed with two excellent machine guns, the MG34 and the rapid-firing MG42 - known to Allied troops as "Hitler's circular saw" or "Spandau" because of their distinctive sound. Unlike other armies, the Germans used the same machine gun both as a squad weapon from its bipod and as a support weapon on a tripod. The tripod mount provided a much more stable firing platform and made it easier to maintain sustained fire with a belt feed.

Blitzkrieg Medium Mortar Team

The standard German medium mortar of the war was the 80mm Granatwerfer 34. It was a very effective and accurate weapon, capable of longer range and on-demand fire support. It had a maximum range of 2,400 meters and could sustain a rate of fire of 15–20 rounds per minute.


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