Blades of Khorne: Skull Altar

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Skull Altar of Khorne

Where Khorne's followers wage their wars, they erect Skull Altars—terrifying monuments where they offer sacrifices to the Blood God in exchange for his blessings. A skull altar looms high above the ground, constructed of brutal tributes piled up as offerings to Khorne's throne.

Available to any army of Khorne at no point cost in matched play, the Skull Altar is a scenery piece that will add even more power to your Slaughterpriests. Near him, she can reroll key prayer and judgment throws, allowing you to easily unleash your favorite Khorne judgments or gain key bonuses without breaking a sweat. Nearby wizards, meanwhile, will have their troubles with casting magic - Khorne spares no time for the fools who rely on witchcraft to win their wars!

From this box you can build a Skull Altar. Once complete, there is enough space to place a Khorne hero of your choice on it. Packed with baroque and ghastly details, this model not only makes a great addition to your Khorne collection, it's also immensely useful in-game.

This kit consists of 21 plastic parts.


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