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Immerse yourself in the dark and dangerous world of the official BLADE RUNNER RPG, where the neon lights of a dystopian Los Angeles 2037 will leave you breathless. As a Blade Runner in the LAPD Rep-Detect Unit, you'll walk the mean streets and enter an unforgiving playground of endless possibilities that demands you to stay sharp and alive.

The BLADE RUNNER RPG Starter Set is the perfect way to dive into this iconic universe. With everything you need to start playing included in this boxed set, you can experience the thrill of being a Blade Runner right from the start. But beware, as the game is full of challenging decisions and moral dilemmas that will push you to your limits.

With its neon noir aesthetics and gritty narrative, the BLADE RUNNER RPG Starter Set is a must-have for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. So strap in, put on your trenchcoat, and get ready to chase down rogue Replicants in the ultimate game of cat and mouse. The question is, will you live to tell the tale, or meet your end on the mean streets of LA 2037? The choice is yours.


  • 80 Page Rulebook
  • 56 Page Case File
  • Four pre-generated Characters
  • Map of Los Angeles 2037 (864 x 558 mm)
  • 26 full-colour evidence handouts
  • Custom manila envelope
  • Time Tracker Sheet
  • 70 NPC, Maneuvers, Obstacles and initiative cards
  • 8 engraved, transparent dice:
    • 2 D6
    • 2 D8
    • 2 D10
    • 2 D12


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