Black Templars Sword Brethren

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Black Templar Brothers of the Sword

The Sword Brethren (sing. Sword Brother) are the principal warriors within a battle company of the Black Templars Space Marines Chapter and are organized as part of the household of the Commanding Marshal of the Crusade, thus serving as the equivalent of a veteran of the Chapter dedicated to the Codex Astartes equivalent to 1st Company, although Elites of Brothers of the Sword exist in each of the companies of the Order. These Battle-Brothers are mighty heroes whose legend has become part of the order's long and illustrious history, and it is the aspiration of every Black Templar to become one of them.

Clad in the finest suits of Power Armor available to the Chapter and adorned with Crusader sigils, the Sword Brethren are the very image of a baroque warrior-knight of ancient Terran legend. After the death of a Marshal, his successor will come from the Sword Brethren, and only the best and bravest are worthy of receiving this great honor. Striving to rise to rank, these Sword Brethren face off in a series of grueling ritual battles, pitting all who would dispute the right to lead the Crusade against one another with diverse weapons, pitting their strategic and tactical prowess against theirs outplay opponents .

The exact form of the fight can vary, from unarmed wrestling to feats of endurance that would kill any man but an Astartes, and many rounds can be fought until a single winner emerges, bloody and victorious. But even then, the victor's right to assume the rank of Marshal must be confirmed by the High Marshal (Chapter Master) of the Black Templar himself, though in practice it is highly unlikely that he would be denied it.

The existence of the elite cadre within the Black Templar order, known as the Brothers of the Sword, is an ancient tradition, dating back to the order's earliest days. The greatest warriors in a crusade are inducted into the household of the commanding marshal. These hardy Astartes receive additional training, particularly in the use of the rare Terminator Armor, and are no longer responsible for training Neophytes as is customary in the Order. All Space Marine Chapters maintain a line of these revered suits of ancient armor.

Each suit is a priceless Chapter relic crafted by master constructors in ages past, and given the scattered nature of the Black Templar Chapter, very difficult to replace should the wearer fall in battle. Taking to the field in their massive Terminator armor adorned with fluttering Crusader sigils and holy scriptures, the Sword Brethren present a truly inspiring sight that few enemies can match. Lovingly cared for by the Chapter's Techmarines, each Terminator armor holds a special place of honor in the ranks of the Sword Brethren. Selected senior commanders of the order can also enter the armory of a crusade fleet and equip these sacred artifacts.

The kit comes as 149 plastic components with which to assemble five Sword Brethren, and is supplied with five Citadel 40mm Round bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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