Black Seas: Hold Fast! Supplement

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Black Seas: Hold Fast! Rule Supplement

Black Seas focuses on the golden age of sailing, which spans the period from 1770 to 1830. During this time, the navies of Europe and beyond fight for supremacy on the high seas. Hold Fast! is a supplement for the Black Seas age of sailing. It includes new ways to play, such as charting your course as an independent smuggler or pursue a naval career from lieutenant to admiral!

16 new scenarios, including:

  • Cat-and-mouse chases
  • Shallow river battles
  • Passenger escort
  • Mutinies
  • Great Battle of the Nile

New Famous Ships:

  • HMS Agamemnon,
  • Santa Ana
  • USS Niagara

New Commanders of renown for the:

  • British Navy
  • French Navy
  • Spanish Navy
  • US Navy
  • e.g. Louis-Antoine-Cyprien Infernet and John Paul Jones

All-New Fleets:

  • Russian Navy
  • Swedish Navy
  • Dutch Navy
  • Portuguese Navy
  • Ottoman Navy
  • Pirate fleet of the Berber Coast

Three solo scenarios:

  • Monster Hunt
  • Against the odds
  • Treasure Fleet

The Sailor's Nightmares, including:

  • Leviathan
  • Octopus
  • Sea serpent
  • and other monstrous creatures of the deep

The Black Seas base game is required to use this supplement.

  • Language: English
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