Big Mek

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Amidst the praise and scheming that often consumes the Ork hierarchy, there comes a time when the simple joy of shooting things cannot be ignored. Fear not, for the Big Mek has you covered. This hulking Ork leader, now available as a standalone release for the first time, is a master of mayhem and destruction.

With a kustom mega-blasta or traktor blasta affixed to his left hand and a power klaw or drilla gripped firmly in his right, the Big Mek is a walking arsenal of devastation. Whether you prefer to rain down fiery death upon your enemies or drag them kicking and screaming into the fray, this formidable warrior has the firepower and brute strength to get the job done.

So when the urge to shoot things becomes too strong to resist, look no further than the Big Mek. With his unmatched firepower and unyielding determination, he will lead your Ork horde to victory, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake that will be the envy of even the most battle-hardened Warbosses.


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