Beyond Time

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In the ever-shifting realm of the Outcasts, where alliances are transient and the pursuit of survival takes precedence, the "Obliteration" keyword signifies a union of entities that embody the forces of destruction and transformation. These figures are a testament to the raw power and upheaval that define the faction's enigmatic world.

At the forefront of this cataclysmic ensemble stands Aionus, a figure that epitomizes the Obliteration keyword. With the ability to manipulate time itself, Aionus becomes a living embodiment of the forces that shape the Outcasts' existence. His presence is a reminder that within the faction's dominion, the boundaries of reality are malleable, and the fabric of time can be woven and unraveled at his will.

Beside Aionus is Talos, a figure who embodies the essence of destruction and rebirth. As a construct of metal and magic, Talos stands as a symbol of the transformation that defines the Obliteration keyword. His very form speaks of the potential for both annihilation and renewal, a testament to the chaos and change that underpin the Outcasts' world.

Together, Aionus and Talos paint a vivid portrait of the Obliteration keyword within the Outcasts' realm. In their presence, the very fabric of reality quivers, and the boundaries of existence waver. As you navigate the unpredictable landscape of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter figures who embody the very essence of Obliteration – entities who wield the power to reshape the world with every movement, leaving behind a trail of destruction and transformation in their wake.


  • Aionus
  • Talos


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